Time for updates

Lots of things going on and not a lot of attention put into the family blog. That will change. Soon.

Sugaring season, she is over

It’s all done for 2013.  The sugar season is finished for the Skoda Family Sugar house.  No final total yet on how much we made, but John was a great help this year.


Happy Easter everyone!


Recovering from Windows 8 fiasco

First thing you should know about Windows 8 is that it does not work well with machines that aren’t designed for it.  Basically any machine that shipped with Windows 7 should stay with 7.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  This is how Microsoft works.  It’s been this way since 95.  If you buy a PC with a particular version of Windows that’s the best experience you can expect from that machine.

I’m almost done recovering my ASUS Eee PC from a mistaken install of 8.  Stupid me, I wanted to try 8 and my ASUS was less than a year old, so what the heck right?  WRONG!  Windows 8 installed fine and simple things worked like browsing the web and editing office documents.  None of my function keys worked, my graphics hardware didn’t function, and games (the only real reason I run Windows) failed miserably.

To be fair, this is more ASUS’es issue than Microsoft.  ASUS isn’t going to write 8 drivers for older laptops.  I should have expected this, I should have known better.  I learned my lesson, hopefully for the last time.  If I want to try a new Microsoft product I have to wait until I can buy something with it pre-loaded.


Upgrading to try something from Microsoft  leads to failure and then a previous version of Windows re-install.



Doing some research and YOU CAN HELP!

I am looking into the possibility of opening a Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) in Randolph.  This is a huge undertaking with a high degree of risk.  In order to get a feel for how much interest is out there and how many customers we might expect I’ve put together a market research survey.  It’s available here http://skoda.net/survey/index.php/62635?lang=en for anyone that wants to participate.   Take the survey only if you are in Vermont.  While I appreciate general market feedback friends and family in Colorado, Ohio, and North Carolina won’t be shopping at the store.