Champlain Valley Fair!

If you want to see the cattle this weekend the girls are putting on demonstrations all week at the Champlain Valley Fair.  Pictures will be posted.  Both teams are in the tent just past the dairy barn and across the way from the poultry barn.

Independence Day parade

IMG_0301.JPGThe teams did great at the parade.  


Sugaring is over…

The sugaring season is over.  Not sure what the final count was for gallons made.  I’ll have  to get that from the folks.

Now it’s time to spin up for the fair season.   That’s coming soon.  I’ll get some oxen pictures up soon.

Sugaring time is here

It’s sugaring time again.  Lot’s of work going into the sugarwoods over the next few weekends.  Pictures soon.

Good work John Michael!

IMG_0205.JPG    John and his colleague Hillary did their presentation at Castleton. Well done guys. Well done indeed.