Sugaring time is here

It’s sugaring time again.  Lot’s of work going into the sugarwoods over the next few weekends.  Pictures soon.

Good work John Michael!

IMG_0205.JPG    John and his colleague Hillary did their presentation at Castleton. Well done guys. Well done indeed.


Freyberg Fair


The girls spent a lot of time on the road this summer.  Several fairs with the boys this summer all led us to Freyberg Maine and competitions with 20 teams.  It was amazing to see so many animals in one place.

Krystin did a great job with her boys.  We came home with a bucket load of ribbons.



The World Famous Tunbridge World’s Fair

We just got back from the Tunbridge World’s Fair and everyone is beat.  It was a long week and many things were done.  Several new ribbons are ready to be hung up.  Krystin and her boys did a great job!


Krystin’s photo exhibit at VTC

Krystin's photo show at Vermont Tech

Krystin’s photo show at Vermont Tech

Krystin’s month long photographic  art exhibit at Hartness Library ended on 1 March.  This was Krystin’s first official show.  Several of the pictures were purchased at the end of the show.  She had a lovely write-up in the Vermont Tech newsletter.   Congratulations Krystin!