Blue drake for Swizlandra

Dermont and Swizlandra on drake mounts
After only one run through Utguarde, look who won the blue drake?  Why it’s Swizlandra!  This was the perfect end to a lovely weekend of father-son WoW time.  We had enough time to finish the Hordebreaker title quest in the barrens and do some mount farming and some achievement runs.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online shutdown 19 Sept 2013

If you used to play Pirates of the Caribbean Online (POTCO) you may not know that the game is being turned off by Disney on the 19th of September.  The last weeks of the game have seen the pay-wall come down and players can do anything in game for free (big ships, higher levels, extra missions, etc.)

It was a good game.  The sailing was a little video-gamey, but the ability to put all your friends on the same ship and each take different jobs was fun.



Now that it’s over people may be looking for a replacement pirate themed MMO.  Look no further than Pirates of the Burning Sea  This vast, beautiful, and well written game offers a lot of pirate themed fun.  Set in a semi historical geographical accurate Caribbean this game has ship to ship combat, player vs player combat (called avatar combat or avcom for short), and crafting or economic play.

If you are sad about POTCO closing down (and I am) You should definitely check out PotBS.

Time for updates

Lots of things going on and not a lot of attention put into the family blog. That will change. Soon.

Sugaring season, she is over

It’s all done for 2013.  The sugar season is finished for the Skoda Family Sugar house.  No final total yet on how much we made, but John was a great help this year.


Happy Easter everyone!