The World Famous Tunbridge World’s Fair

We just got back from the Tunbridge World’s Fair and everyone is beat.  It was a long week and many things were done.  Several new ribbons are ready to be hung up.  Krystin and her boys did a great job!


Krystin’s photo exhibit at VTC

Krystin's photo show at Vermont Tech

Krystin’s photo show at Vermont Tech

Krystin’s month long photographic  art exhibit at Hartness Library ended on 1 March.  This was Krystin’s first official show.  Several of the pictures were purchased at the end of the show.  She had a lovely write-up in the Vermont Tech newsletter.   Congratulations Krystin!


All day GURPS:Vampire

During the CSC break we got a chance to play our Vampire campaign.  The story so far…

The party has discovered the treacherous plans of Candice Lefenau and has turned on her with the help of a new elder in town, Sophia.  The team works to get out from under their double-crossing Camarilla sires and defeats the hit squad sent to bring them to “justice”

The altercation leaves them homeless and wanted for questioning by the local police.  Peyton learns she can take the form of a cat and adopts a well-to-do family.  She sleeps in bat form during the day and prowls the house in cat form at night warming up to the lonely housewife.  She terrorizes the snot-nose brat teenager.

John and Sidney use their powers to persuade a local realtor to give them a house.  They are busy furnishing it and getting new clothes.

As a side quest a strange and powerful old man asks the team to investigate a missing child and the existence of circle-men near Glastenbury mountain.  They find the boy being inducted into the circle and stop the ceremony.  Unfortunately they do the deed a day too late for the liking of the old man and he demands another favor, this time the favor must be completed on time.  He’s yet to give them another task and we don’t know what repercussions might be coming from the circle-men.


Blue drake for Swizlandra

Dermont and Swizlandra on drake mounts
After only one run through Utguarde, look who won the blue drake?  Why it’s Swizlandra!  This was the perfect end to a lovely weekend of father-son WoW time.  We had enough time to finish the Hordebreaker title quest in the barrens and do some mount farming and some achievement runs.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online shutdown 19 Sept 2013

If you used to play Pirates of the Caribbean Online (POTCO) you may not know that the game is being turned off by Disney on the 19th of September.  The last weeks of the game have seen the pay-wall come down and players can do anything in game for free (big ships, higher levels, extra missions, etc.)

It was a good game.  The sailing was a little video-gamey, but the ability to put all your friends on the same ship and each take different jobs was fun.



Now that it’s over people may be looking for a replacement pirate themed MMO.  Look no further than Pirates of the Burning Sea  This vast, beautiful, and well written game offers a lot of pirate themed fun.  Set in a semi historical geographical accurate Caribbean this game has ship to ship combat, player vs player combat (called avatar combat or avcom for short), and crafting or economic play.

If you are sad about POTCO closing down (and I am) You should definitely check out PotBS.